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Fire & Smoke Damage

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Fire Restoration in Bergen County, NJ & Surrounding Communities

Fire and smoke damage are notorious for being destructive and frequently are life changing—often in a very short amount of time. Fire can quickly destabilize structures of just about any size and destroy nearly everything in its path. The fire restoration team with ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions can help you sort through the aftermath and recover everything from entire businesses to family heirlooms and charred kitchen cabinets.

Fire Damage Recovery

Fire damage never comes at a convenient time and often seems to strike when you’re least prepared to handle it. That’s why the fire restoration team with ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is always ready to jump into action. Our fire damage restoration professionals can help you expertly navigate large- and small-scale restoration efforts after life-altering fire events.

Major fire damage recovery is a complex and even delicate process. Items damaged by fire or the ensuing water and foam used in extinguishing the flames need to be carefully removed, cleaned, stored, and restored. Our expert recovery teams are with you every step of the way. Your home, business, and belongings are in good hands with ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage repair and removal are a crucial aspect to complete fire damage restoration. Proper smoke damage restoration can essentially stop damage in its tracks and prevent further corrosion from occurring. The byproducts of fire damage are in many ways as dangerous as their original source: soot, smoke, and debris can all lead to staining and chemical deconstruction. Breathing in the byproducts of fire, even long after the fire itself is extinguished, can also exacerbate or trigger health conditions. Restoring a location after smoke damage means restoring a safe and healthy environment for every single resident.

ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions offers an in-depth smoke cleaning and removal toolkit that leaves your home safe and smoke-free. Our service also includes the added benefit of restoring a clean atmosphere and a new look to any and all smoke-stained spaces. Our team understands that damage restoration is not done until all traces of the fire are gone, and smoke is no exception to this rule.

How to Reach Out

ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions recovery teams enable you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is in good hands. Fire damage can leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed, but with our comprehensive restoration services, you can find your equilibrium and start recovering today. Families and business owners in need of fire restoration services can call us at (866) 428-0512 or contact us online.


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