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Other Disaster Services in Bergen County, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions aims to meet all of your recovery needs. Besides water, fire, and smoke restoration, our other disaster restoration services include construction, trauma, and biohazard cleanup. If you’re in need of assistance in these events and don’t know where to turn, our expert cleaning teams can help.

Biohazard Cleanup Services

ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions cleaning teams are meticulously trained on proper biohazard and trauma cleaning scenarios. With the mental and emotional well-being of our clients in mind, our teams are discreet, compassionate, and efficient.

All our teams are primed on the dangerous nature of biohazardous materials and are well versed in up-to-date local and national safety standards. Surfaces are sanitized, debris is removed, and anything that may have come in contact with unsafe materials is inspected and treated. Every aspect of biohazard cleaning is completed quickly and with care.

Biohazard and trauma cleanup is a complex and varied field that should only be handled by expertly trained professional cleaners. Because of the sensitive nature of trauma scenes as well as the dangers posed by biohazardous materials, relying on trained experts is the best way to jumpstart a real recovery.

When traumatic damage has left you feeling helpless, alone, and vulnerable, your safety and recovery is our No. 1 priority. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions.

Construction Cleaning

With our post-construction cleanup crew, you won’t have to worry about any lingering debris or “shrapnel” from a formerly active construction zone. Our construction cleaning experts vacuum, dust, mop, and sanitize construction sites to ensure safe habitation following project completion.

Business and residential construction projects looking to open quickly after a project is complete can feel secure in the safety of residents, visitors, and customers alike with ServiceMaster Restoration Solution’s comprehensive safety-conscious cleaning methods.

Instead of worrying about the stains, dust, and scratches that construction inevitably brings, let our construction cleanup services make your remodeled space feel like new. Our team vacuums, dusts, and mops every nook and cranny of your constructed area so that when you return, it will finally feel like a home ready for habitation.

Whether your construction project was personal or professional, you can rely on our expert construction cleaning teams to get the job done properly. With a focus on attention to detail, even the smallest vents and light fixtures will be properly cleaned and restored.

Get Professional Cleaning Help Today

Our teams are primed and ready to step up to the situation. Individuals in need of trauma restoration, biohazard cleanup, or construction cleaning can get in touch with our experts today by calling (866) 428-0512. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is here to offer support and expertise in the Bergen County, NJ, area. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need.


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