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Check for Ice Dams this Winter to Prevent Water Damage

In line with the way this year has been going, you’ve ended up with ice dams on your Bergen County, NJ home already. A late November ice storm made its way through New Jersey followed by an early December thaw. Now your roof is leaking into the attic and you have to find a way to repair the roof and deal with the water damage. Count on ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions in Bergen County, NJ, to get the job done.


You have to stop the water first. Before water damage cleanup can start, the flow of water has to end. If you find you have ice dams on the roof and the roof is leaking, the ice dams have to be removed and the roof repaired. Once that’s done the restoration process can start. For the water damage cleanup to be successful, everything has to be completely dry. Any water left behind can result in mold and mildew growth and the need for mold and mildew cleanup. Water damage cleanup is easier than mold and mildew cleanup, so it’s important that it’s done right the first time.


Using a professional service will ensure that the water damage cleanup is done right and fast. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions can help those in the Bergen County, NJ area with their water damage restoration needs. We start with water removal by using pumps to remove standing water from the area and then utilize fans and dehumidifiers to ensure all remaining water and moisture is removed so the area is completely dried. By using a moisture detection tool, we can ensure the inside of walls, carpets, and any furniture in the space is completely dry from the inside out. The technicians of ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions won’t leave the job until everything is clean, dry, and back to normal.


Don’t let water damage ruin anything and cause lots of stress. Using a professional service like ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions will ensure the work gets done quick so you can get back to your normal routine fast.


ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is ready and available 24/7/365 to help those in Bergen County, NJ with all their restoration needs.