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The Project Is Done! Now You Need Post Construction Cleaning

The last few months have been full of excitement as you’ve added on to your home by making your kitchen bigger or added another room on the first or second floor. And while you’re excited about how amazing the newly constructed space looks, now that everything is done, you’re left with a giant mess to clean. There is dust and dirt everywhere, and a lot of stress for you. How are you going to get everything cleaned so you can get on with your life? Is there some place to turn in Essex County, NJ, that can help with post-construction cleaning? You can turn to ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions and its professional technicians.

Post-construction cleaning has many steps.

 The dirt and dust that result from construction is different than everyday dirt and dust. Construction dust consists of sawdust, insulation fibers, drywall, and metal filings. These materials aren’t easy to remove as they get into the nooks and crannies of every type of surface, which can result in the need to clean the same area a number of times.

International Janitorial Contractors Association

The International Janitorial Contractors Association (IJCA) provides a checklist and some guidance to help ensure the post-construction cleaning is done correctly. Our technicians make sure that these standards are met, which means that your home and building will be ready and safe for occupants. Nothing can be left behind because any remaining dirt or dust can result in people having health issues.

Using a professional service will mean the post-construction cleaning is done right.

 ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is here for the residents of Essex County, NJ, and all their post-construction cleaning needs. From vacuuming to sanitization, you’ll know your newly constructed space has been fully cleaned. When the technicians of ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions are done, your home or building will look like new. Our technicians have a great eye for details and will make sure every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned.

Let ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions help all those in Essex County, NJ with all their post-construction cleaning needs. Give ServiceMaster of Restoration Solutions a call at (866) 428-0512.