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How to Recover from Fire Damage

It’s a beautiful July day in Bergen County, NJ. To take advantage of a delightful breeze, you open all the kitchen windows. You step away for only a few minutes, but return when you smell smoke. As you dash into the kitchen, you’re shocked to see flames consuming the tablecloth and nearby curtains! Somehow the curtains fluttered against a candle, knocking it over and igniting all the fabrics around it! After the flames are extinguished, there are scorch marks plus smoke and soot damage on the walls and ceiling. Where do you turn in Bergen County, NJ for fire damage restoration?


Where do you start the fire damage restoration process?

Once the fire has been extinguished, you’re left with all the destruction. Not all of the damage, however, is visible. There could also be structural damage. When facing fire damage, it’s imperative to get the help of a professional to determine the full extent of the damage. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions will ensure that the fire damage restoration process is done correctly and as quickly and safely as possible.


Professional restoration services for fire damage cleanup

Our technicians are trained and experienced in all the latest tools and restoration techniques. Their training helps them to determine exactly what to cleanup and how to repair the damage. Besides the physical damage from the fire, your building can suffer from smoke and soot damage. The grimy, sticky residues of smoke and soot can drift through airducts, causing trouble along the way. This makes HVAC cleaning extremely important. Don’t stress out and attempt to tackle this difficult and filthy work yourself.


If your home or business in Bergen County, NJ has suffered fire damage, contact ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions immediately at (866) 428-0512. Every minute counts when it comes to successful fire and smoke damage restoration. Our technicians are available 27/7 to help those in Bergen County, NJ with all their fire damage restoration needs.