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Common Mistakes NOT to Make After Experiencing Fire Damage in Morris County, NJ

A fire ripping through your Morris County, NJ, home or business is the ultimate nightmare of any property owner, but they are more common than you might think. The aftermath can leave you with a lot of questions and feeling unsure of what to do next; this can lead to you making mistakes which could put you or others in harms way or cause even more damage than the flames have already done. In the aftermath of fire damage, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.


  1. Do Not Re-Enter the Building: It’s tempting to venture back into the building to try and recover items or get an idea of the extent of the fire damage. Even if you don’t think the damage was severe, never re-enter a building after a fire. It’s possible that the fire caused structural damage that isn’t apparent, leading to collapse, injury, and more. Always wait for the local Fire Department authorities to declare the property safe before re-entering.
  2. Do Not Use Utilities: A fire can damage utility lines, including gas and electrical. Attempting to use utilities or turn them back on can cause even more damage and put others at risk. Always wait for authorities to deem it safe before attempting to use any building utilities after a fire.
  3. Do Not Try to Treat the Damage Yourself: After your property has suffered fire damage, you may want to begin treating the damage yourself. This is a huge mistake. Flame, smoke, and soot damage can be treated by an experienced fire damage restoration specialist, but can be made worse by inexperienced treatment. It can even become irreversible if improperly treated. Even in cases of minor smoke or soot damage, it’s important to call the professionals to ensure your property is properly restored.


If your Morris County, NJ, property has suffered fire damage, you can count on the fire damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions. We have the tools, expertise, and experience to tackle any fire damage scenario, from a small kitchen fire to a full-blown inferno. We’re available 24/7/365; contact us at (866) 428-0512 for immediate fire damage restoration assistance!