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Answering Common Questions about Biohazard Cleanup in Essex County, NJ

Do you know what type of situation would require biohazard cleanup? Would you know what to do if you faced a biohazard situation in Essex County, NJ? A biohazard is any hazardous material that requires specialized cleaning. It could be a drug cleanup or the removal of a deceased animal. It could also be a hording situation in which the house has been completely filled with numerous items, and there is food or other biologics rotting and decaying inside.

What makes a biohazard situation unsafe? In a biohazard situation, something is usually decaying or rotting. The decaying process is generally carried out by bacteria and insects, which can cause people performing the cleanup to become sick. If the cleanup isn’t done completely and the area isn’t sanitized, the space can be a health risk for anyone who comes into contact with the area.

How is a biohazard cleaned? The biohazard cleanup process is done in stages. First, the area is cleared and the material that is causing the situation to be a biohazard is removed. When the biohazard is removed, it is generally put into a specialized container that is then taken to an incinerator. These items can’t be taken to the local dump as the bacteria and insects would travel with the item, causing a biohazardous situation at the dump. Once the biohazard has been removed, the area is then thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. First it is cleaned to remove the physical remnants left behind, then it is cleaned again using specialized solutions to ensure the entire area is completely sanitized.

Using a professional service will ensure the biohazard is cleaned correctly and your area and items aren’t damaged. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is here to help those in the Essex County, NJ, with all their biohazard cleanup needs. The technicians for ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions undergo rigorous training in all the state-of-the-art tools and techniques in biohazard cleaning. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions prides itself in being one of the leaders in the biohazard cleaning industry. When our technicians leave, you’ll know your home is just like before, and your friends and family will be safe and healthy.

Let ServiceMaster of Restoration Solutions help those in Essex County, NJ, with all their biohazard cleanup needs. Give ServiceMaster of Restoration Solutions a call today at (866) 428-0512.