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Smoke Damage Cleanup from Your Wood Burner

Throughout the winter, you’ve been running your wood-burning stove almost every day. While the unit helps to keep your house warm, you’re noticing that your basement still smells like smoke and there is a discoloration on the walls. Where do you turn in Passaic County, NJ, to find help with smoke damage cleanup?

Smoke damage results in discoloration and a lingering smell that never seems to dissipate. Over time, the smoke that floats through the air—whether from a wood-burning stove, a candle, or a cigarette—will discolor your home’s walls and the air in your house will feel heavy. The wall discoloration usually presents as either a yellow or brown color, and won’t disappear even with all the scrubbing in the world. Over time, this discoloration can eat away at the plaster or dry wall, and result in substantial damage. It’s important to make sure that the smoke damage cleanup happens as quickly as possible to ensure that there isn’t any lasting damage.

Using air fresheners to get rid of the smell never really works. Using an air freshener to cover a smoke smell does just that: It covers the smell. You’ll find that you have to continue to use an air freshening gadget over and over again, but your home never smells the best it can. Using a professional cleaning service for your smoke damage cleanup will ensure that your home will look and smell its very best!

Let ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions do the hard work for you. Don’t try to tackle smoke damage cleanup yourself. There are a whole host of tools and solutions that you could possibly use to cleanup smoke damage, but how are you supposed to know which ones are right? Using a professional service like ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions for your smoke damage cleanup will ensure that all the right tools and solutions are used every time. ServiceMaster Restoration Solutions is here for those in Passaic County, NJ, to make sure that no one will ever know—by sight or smell—that your home suffered from smoke damage.

Let ServiceMaster of Restoration Solutions help those in Passaic County, NJ, with all their smoke damage cleanup needs. Give ServiceMaster of Restoration Solutions a call today at (866) 428-0512.